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The Inclement Weather Activist Trench

We have taken note of a friend's suggestion that we employ a different tack and get all kinds of make nice in our musings. Unforch, make nice is not our thing, but an added focus is always welcome on our menu. In order to keep our blood pressure in check, we are taking a cue from the ever cool and composed Anna Wintour. Because friends, when truth has fallen completely out of fashion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, one of our coping mechanisms here at F&P is to make it all about the clothes, and nothing but the clothes. Well, yes, the food, too, of course, but we are on a serious style jag here so bear with us. We ask you beloved readers: what better way to start the new era of darkness with a nod to our chic sisters at the WOMEN'S MARCH at our State Capitol? The air was cool and the fashion was grand this past Saturday along John Ireland Boulevard. We decided that the only way to do justice to some of our favorite looks was to submit these fashion snaps to you and let you, the people decide.

#politics #fashion #foodandpolitics #activist

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