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Ipso Facto

Dear what I assumed were my friends and allies last week (but now realize that vipers walk among me and I hope you are not one of them):

I see that you have been ready for some time to strike at what you fear or do not understand by the fact that you have voted Trump and Pence into the highest offices in our land. Congratulations swamp drainers, you have delivered a lethal dose of partisan poison to your unsuspecting fellow citizens. Ouch, good one! By the fact that you voted for Trump or Stein or Johnson (who knows maybe you wrote in Nader/LA Duke?), you have voted to dissolve my marriage, you have voted to impose religious testing on travelers and immigrants to the United States of America, you have voted to repeal Roe V. Wade, you have voted to shut down Planned Parenthood (leaving millions of vulnerable women without health care), you have voted to renormalize the persecution of the LGBT community, you have voted for the continuation of voter suppression policies, you have voted…well you know what you voted for.


By the very fact of either voting for Trump or voting “your conscience,” essentially tossing your vote into the ash heap of what was the 2000 election and the subsequent generations of collateral damage wrought from two illegal wars and the near decimation of our always fragile economy, you have dealt a near fatal blow to our democracy. And no, I don’t want to hear your bullshit lines of “it’s nothing personal…I just don’t like HER…I just wanted to try something different, gosh darn it we needed a change…” Don't give me the "don't worry you are still safe around me now even though I voted for a xenophobic, misogynist crotch grabber for president, because hey, I have nothing against you personally" claptrap, these are the sentiments of a coward, a liar.


You lie to yourself and you lie to my face that you are anything but an oppressor of the Right-Wing GOP defined Other, you lie that you have our trans kids' health and wellbeing anywhere near the front of your mind, you lie that you care in any way about women’s health, you lie that you care about anything or anyone else outside of your cushy life.

You lie when you say to me, “It’s nothing against you or your wife, I just think that businesses pay too many taxes and shouldn’t be subjected to so many regulations.”

Regulations? Like not spilling toxic chemicals and oil all over the place? Like not refusing service to ANYONE that doesn’t agree with your BIBLE? By the very fact that you colored in the little rectangle on the ballot for Trump, either by actually coloring in the Trump/Pence rectangle or coloring in the Stein or Johnson rectangle, or worst and most irresponsible of all acts a citizen can make: You colored in NO RECTANGLE at the top of the ballot. By having done one of these three things in the voting booth you lie to yourself and all vulnerable communities that you hold anything but your own fears and resentments, real or imagined in higher regard than the struggles of say, a trans child who would like nothing more than to be let alone and be themselves without getting the shit kicked out of them in our school hallways, lunchrooms and playgrounds. Thanks to the fact that you voted for Trump and his down ticket buddies, our children, trans kids, kids of immigrants, kids of color, and kids living in poverty will endure state sponsored pummeling in all aspects of their lives. How very mighty and righteous of you.

The fact is, you fuckers have reanimated the Frankenstein's Monster of America’s idealized past that never was. What to do, what to do?

Dressing more ladylike isn’t exactly in the cards for me. Neither is going along to get along as I have done in the past because, aren’t all gay and bimbo jokes hilarious? The survival of the wittiest tactics no longer hold sway for this commie pinko gaylord. Reckon I’ll just enjoy whatever time will allow me in this craven new world to keep fighting for the small things like helping my wife buy school supplies for her public school classroom, perhaps a canvass with a friendly LGBT outfit, a monthly contribution and an occasional phone bank shift for Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice to calm my nerves.

I shall enjoy the fruits of my cushy life until my fruitiness loses me the right to equal protection under the law. For this trouser wearin’ cowgirl, it is time to circle the wagons. So, it is with sadness but mostly rage in my sinner’s heart, my dear old Catholic Charities and Red Kettlers that I have supported over the years despite my severe misgivings about your politics, I’ll be doing to those with the least among us, those with the least civil rights, personal safety, and economic stability as your JESUS would do—not what YOU do.

And to my, what I thought were my Libertarian and Green friends, you know not what you do. Ipso facto, all y’all you voted for Hate.

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