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The Worst

OK so now things have taken a way worse turn that was not unexpected, especially by the Department of Smug here at Food & Politics. Seems the far-right nut cases of various groups that 45 couldn’t bring himself to name or call out in any specificity sans what we assume was a boot nip in the ass from General Kelly because, white supremacy.

The anti-democracy, anti-human rights, anti-common decency voters have finally had their day in the sun. Mowing down a peaceful crowd and killing an innocent young woman. A woman of peace and persistence whose last social media posting was a turn of phrase used by anyone who is paying attention. This brave soul along with so many others were minding their own peaceful business when some dumbass devotee of hate and genocide decided to go full on David Dukes of Hazzard through a narrow lane in the historic city of Charlottesville, VA. Home of the University of Virginia, founded by the primary author of our constitution, the founding document so beloved by the word-benders who descended upon the Jeffersonian landmark city in a pathetic display of white golf shirts and khakis. Marching NAZI style with a supply of Tiki-Torches of all things.

Seriously with that?

These self-protectors of ‘Merican jobs and values couldn’t have purchased a palette of dowels from the local saw mill and tarred up some pitch to light up the night with a prop that reasonably resembles the torches of their bros of yesteryear? Oh no-too much work we reckon, no Minoritays or barefoot 'n pregnant women for that matter to do it for them. In a display of doofus irony, they rolled through town like a bunch of resort employees lighting the way to a first-class Hawaiian Luau. Believe me, first class. Or should we say Jew-Luau? Dumbasses. “We will not be replaced” they chanted. Replaced by what? Resort employees with a better flair for the historically dramatic? Jesus H. with this.

So anyway fuck them.

Our brothers and sisters of The Resistance on the front lines, be it a freeway ramp or prayer circle or a regular joe work-day-life too busy raising kids, caring for family members but letting their voice be heard in our social-media-ruled presidency are the only damn thing holding this joint together. 45 can't rely on his 34 percent of approvers for any meaningful policy work or conservative yikesiness to take a lasting hold. Or so we thought but these recent events with the Drumpfian youth storming around is pretty fucking scary. Remember that rape apologist and old salt George Will's remark that opposition to marriage equality is literally dying off? Well, that seems a bit off the mark now. Apparently, the tentacles of cyber resentment and brainwashing are not just reserved for the ISIS curious. So, we're pretty much fucked there.

So much to do, so many fascists to unseat, so many Brown Shirt lovers to button hole. Time for a Black & Tan, at this point we’re gonna need every ounce of courage we can get for this battle.


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