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Keeping Our Crazy Eye on the Prize

And a special welcome to the "American Carnage" of the drumpf presidency. If you are looking for upper case letters or any form of adherence to the AP Style Book in any of our mentions of drumpf, the gop, the supremes, the congressional majority or any other drumpf-ite related anybody, you won't find it here. Tiny provocations are all the rage here at F&P so move along alt-right snowflakes, find your news of affirmation elsewhere. We have become tired here at F&P of raging at the Bros, the Steins, the Garys, the pretend Jesus lovers and their imbecilic collusion with the forces of Borscht-inspired evil that drumpfed our democracy into the rancid fryer grease of history. Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

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